What is dripping?

You may have seen the term dripping throw around but are unsure what it means. All it is, is just another method for vaping.

What you do is take a cartridge off your atomizer and put 3-5 drops of your favorite juice directly onto the atomizer coil or bridge. This will yield a couple ultra clean puffs full of vapor. Anytime you want to take another hit simply put a few more drops onto the atomizer. Superior taste and vapor production is obviously enticing to many people, especially if they find themselves refilling regular cartridges too often. In my opinion it’s very comparable to the way a CE2 cartomizer tastes which is significantly less hassle to use.

To accommodate dripping many retailers sell specifically designed mouthpieces called drip tips. They fit on-top of an atomizer much like a cartridge however they are completely hollow and have a wide mouth opening so you can drip juice directly into the atomizer without removing the drip tip itself. Drip tips come in different colors and materials, most will have an o-ring for a nice tight seal with the atomizer. There’s really not much to them, so just pick one that jumps out at you.

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