VV Gripper by SmokTech

The Bad


VV Gripper - Top View SeamI have to admit this unit is not perfect. I have 2 issues with it. Firstly the VV Gripper is made from 2 halves. While this seam doesn’t have any play, I’m concerned it may let liquid in especially around the button and threaded connection. I don’t overfill frequently but it maybe a bigger concern for those dripping. I haven’t had any issues over a few months use now, even with a few overfills flooding out from the cartomizer. Secondly, the threaded connector on my unit has just a small amount of play. It annoyed me initially but I’ve gotten used to it since. It’s something I’d expect it to be solid and it may just be my unit but it’s worth mentioning.

3 thoughts on “VV Gripper by SmokTech

  1. Can you please tell me if you know anyone that will make repairs to the vv gripper.Mine needs the 510 connection need to be replaced.

    1. Mide had come loose at some point too. I ended up repairing it myself by splitting it open and adding glue. Problem is the seams are already glued. I have to say although it went back together well enough to work you can tell it was opened up previously.

  2. This is a very good VV PV for someone who is willing to build their own mods. I have a few of them and have opened them up to replace the connector multiple times (using them over a year now) replaced the switch by drilling a hole above the screen, inserting a good quality horn style switch. I had to use some velcro on the battery door, not very pretty but still very functional. For the price (on sale $25-$35) these can’t be beat.

    If I get over my “case of the lazies” I might just take the electronics out and put them in a new enclosure.

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