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VV Gripper - In a Box

Look at those Curves!

After losing my fullsize Lavatube in a Taxi I went on the hunt for a new device and of course wanted to checkout if there was anything new and improved on the market. While I loved it’s function I was never happy with the size and shape of the Lavatube. I used it at home or in the office but never felt comfortable with it in public. When I saw the VV Gripper from SmokTech it instantly peaked my interested based on the shape. It’s price isn’t all bad either with the standalone unit coming in at under $50.


VV Gripper - Blue LCDFirst thing I noticed when I ripped the package open and got my hands on the Gripper is that it has a soft touch matte coating. I would guess rubberized. It feels pleasant against your skin and in your hand. The coating also deals pretty well with the oils on your hand, doesn’t get covered in fingerprints instantly, and wipes off easily. Another thing that struck me right away is how light this thing is due to plastic construction. An 18650 battery fits perfectly behind a sliding trap door on the bottom, not unlike those found on a digital camera. The LCD screen glows a nice bright blue with white digits and looks good. I’m not sure if it’s better quality or just higher contrast but it’s easier to read than most.

3 thoughts on “VV Gripper by SmokTech

  1. Can you please tell me if you know anyone that will make repairs to the vv gripper.Mine needs the 510 connection need to be replaced.

    1. Mide had come loose at some point too. I ended up repairing it myself by splitting it open and adding glue. Problem is the seams are already glued. I have to say although it went back together well enough to work you can tell it was opened up previously.

  2. This is a very good VV PV for someone who is willing to build their own mods. I have a few of them and have opened them up to replace the connector multiple times (using them over a year now) replaced the switch by drilling a hole above the screen, inserting a good quality horn style switch. I had to use some velcro on the battery door, not very pretty but still very functional. For the price (on sale $25-$35) these can’t be beat.

    If I get over my “case of the lazies” I might just take the electronics out and put them in a new enclosure.

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