Traveling with an ECig

If you’re an ecigarette user, traveling present a unique challenge especially if it’s for an extended period of time. I recently had to travel for a few weeks on business and was a bit lost initially on what to take. I’d like to share some wisdom on what to take with you without overdoing it.

Ecigarettes are pretty hard to come by in local stores and those that are for sale at a brick & mortar shop are usually not very good. As with anything else, preparedness is key. You should assume that during your entire trip you won’t be able to restock on any of your hardware or supplies. As long as you keep that in mind when preparing and packing for your trip you should make it through without much hassle.

Mainly you just want to make sure to bring backups, and a bit more than you expect needing.
I’ve created a small list of what I brought with me for a three week stint away from home:

  • 3 30ml bottles ejuice: I go through only about 1 bottle a month, but wanted to bring a few flavors. Make sure to put these inside a ziplock bag in the unlikely event there’s a leak.
  • 2 AC / USB chargers: Very important to have a charging backup. Electronic devices can fail unexpectedly and you want to make sure you have the ability to charge your batteries even if 1 charger stops working.
  • 3 650ohm Ego/Riva batteries: Make sure you have enough batteries that last your through 24 hrs to carry with you plus an additional 1 as a spare. I actually had one battery fail about halfway through my trip and was quite happy to still have 2 left. If I was stuck with only 1 battery it would have posed a problem.
  • Approx 10 1.7ohm Cartomizers: I used these exclusively. Generally 1 of these cartomizers will last me 1 week, but some fail earlier. I came back with about 25% of what I brought with me. My reasoning for using these instead of the preferred CE3 is simply because there is no syringe involved and I can refill them quickly from a small bottle throughout the day. I only carried 2 at a time in my pocket jut in case 1 stops working, which never even happened.
  • Aprrox 10 CE3 Cartomizers: I didn’t use these at all but they don’t take a lot of space so I threw them in just in case.
  • 2 5ml Bottles: I carried 1 of these with me during the day for cartomizer refills. Since 1 full 5ml bottle lasts me 2 days, running out of juice was never a possibility.
ecigarette travel prep

Adjust liquid and cartomizer amount based on how long you’ll be away and your own knowledge of usage.

I personally carry 2 batteries each with a cartomizer and one 5ml bottle of ejuice during the day.  I also throw one charger in my carry on. Excluding that, all this fits neatly into a small box and into my luggage.

Airports never presented any issues and I always went through security without any problems. I don’t however puff while on a plane. Considering it’s a federal crime, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.


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