Newbie Budget Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

eGo 510 Starter Kit
Excellent first time budget kit. Get your kit here

Many new users are drawn to buying a starter kit that looks like a traditional cigarette. It’s a familiar style and completely understandable. However those batteries are on the small side, only about 180mAh for short ones and 300mAh for the longer versions. They won’t last all that long on a single charge. You’ll be left worrying about how much charge you have left or if you’ll get home in time or might buy even more spare batteries. Things like this can become annoying and might even ruin the first time experience.

So why is this the best starter kit? The most important reason is the two 650 mAh batteries. If you can distance yourself form the traditional cigarette look, the slightly thicker size provides TWICE the storing capacity in each battery, so it will last twice as long. It’s great to grab a freshly charged battery in the morning and know it will be there for you until you get home. If you’re a heavy smoker (over 1 pack a day) you can always have your second battery as the backup. Either way you won’t be left stranded with a craving. Not only that but somehow these batteries actually charge quicker. I find the eGo takes about 2 hours for a complete charge, before I got this kit it would be anywhere from 4-6 hours to charge a smaller battery.

The battery uses a 510 format, which describes the thread type. The market for 510 accessories is the largest so there are more options on replacement cartridges, atomizers or cartomizers and you won’t be tied to a single vendor who can set their own price and overcharge.

What You Get with your eGo Starter Kit
eGo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
2 Manual 650mAh Batteries with 2 Cones
2 Atomizers
1 USB charger with an AC Adapter
5 Pre-Filled Cartridges
Everything needed to get started is included. Mine was even partially charged and I was puffing within seconds of opening it up.

What’s great is you actually get pre-filled cartridges so you can start puffing right out of the box. I go through 1ml per day so 15ml lasts me right around 2 week. As a former 1 pack per day smoker of Marlboro Reds I’m pretty happy with 18mg or 24mg but that’s just a generic guideline. Only real way to know what you’ll like best is to try various strengths yourself. My friend for instance found 18mg to be a bit strong and ended up with 10-12mg liquid instead.

Cartridges hold your nicotine liquid and are easy to fill; put 5-15 drops in, stick it in your atomizer and you’re ready to puff. You can refill them many times, I’ve even rinsed the material inside before. Eventually the material seems to retain liquid poorly and you need to replace the cartridge. These are pretty much all the same across all manufacturer and nothing special about any of them.

This kit is by far the best value for your money. Easy to use and offering the best experience!

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  1. the e-cigs are great, this one with good battery life simply means you can smoke for longer periods , great e cigarette, i own one and i just love it, feel better as now i am not burning my lungs, just pure smoking pleasure

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