Staying away from Analog Cigarettes while Drinking

A major sticking point with regular cigarettes is alcohol. If you’re like me when you’re drinking you really like puffing away on a cigarette more often. Like everyone else I get pretty carefree too, yearning for that puff may lead back to a cigarette. I actually found the ecigarette to be a great replacement while drinking. I can freely take puffs as much as I please anytime I want a smoke and I enjoy the taste better.

I do prefer a higher nicotine liquid though and also stick with more traditional tobacco flavors.

I’ve also found a few things that keep me away from bummin a smoke from a friend when I get buzzed or drunk. The main thing is not to run out of anything so I make it a point to be prepared. I make sure both my large batteries are charged. I also grab a small bottle of spare liquid and some extra cartomizers. I normally leave it in the car or just throw it in a small case in my pocket if I’m not going to be driving. It doesn’t take up much room but if my plans change and I don’t get home when I originally thought I have plenty supply and have no temptation to go buy a pack or start bumming smokes from others.

One thought on “Staying away from Analog Cigarettes while Drinking

  1. Like you, I LOVE to smoke when I am drinking. I am considering a switch to e-cigs but have been wondering if they would be a good enough replacement for cigarettes while drinking… sounds like they are, in your opinion, at least. Thanks! 🙂

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