SmokTech 1.7ohm LR Cartomizer Review

Low Resistance (LR) cartomizers have been a staple in the vaping world for quite some time now. Many individuals still prefer these as daily cartomizer over all other options. Even with the onslaught of new parts, that swear to be the best thing since sliced bread,  these basic low resistance cartomizers stand up to the competition. They produce a good clean hit, with tons of vapor and at a very reasonable price.

So what is a LR cartomizer exactly? Well it looks and works exactly as any standard cartomizer. They have some filler material on the outside which hold your e liquid, which is then burned of by a single coil located down the center of the air way. In fact the only difference between a standard cartomizer and an LR cartomizer is the ohm rating. Where a standard carto may be in the 2.2-3.0 ohm rating, the sub 2.0ohm rating on an LR cartomizer results in hotter coil temps which in turn evaporates  your eliquid quicker resulting in more vapor. Read more about ohms.

Here’s a disassembled cartomizers so you can check out what the inside holds.

SmokTech 1.7ohm Cartomizer Disassembled
I’ve used these on my eGo and Riva batteries and I feel they work well on both 3.2v and 3.7v. There is a little less vapor with 3.2v batteries.
What I like about the LR cartomizer:
Vapor: Vapor is quite good, you get quick mouthfuls of vapor with short cigarette like puffs.
Price: Possibly one of the cheapest options out there, and doesn’t hurt the wallet to replace.
Duration: I used a single cartomizer for an entire week straight using a clear juice. Threw it out afterwards. Dirtier (usually darker) juices, can however, gunk these up in a couple of days.
Maintenance: For me there was no maintenance involved. This has been one of the larger pros when compared to a CE2 or CE3 style cartomizer. Once I felt the carto wasn’t performing well I simply tossed it and grabbed a new one.
Refilling: This was another huge advantage over CE style cartomizers. I can carry a small 5ml bottle with me and simply drip into the filler whenever I need more.
What I like don’t like about the LR cartomizer:
Refilling: While refilling is easy, you have to do it more often than a CE3/CE3.
Maintenance: If you do decide to maintain these, the most you can do is rinse them. It’s impossible to return them to completely like new.
Battery Usage: With less electrical resistance you end up pushing more electricity through these and that results in batteries running out at a slightly quicker pace.
Decreased battery life: Many have reported these having a negative impact on battery life. Even though I haven’t experienced a failure with any of mine, I feel it’s worth mentioning.

Overall I have to say I like these. I actually prefer these when I’m traveling away from home. I never worry about refilling, I don’t need to bring a syringe in my luggage and I don’t need to carry as many supplies since a small refill bottle will get me through two days of vaping. They definitely provide a viable option for a daily vape.


SmokTech 1.7ohm Mega XL Cartomizer – Black

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