Seldom Discussed Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

After smoking my ecig for a while I’ve come across a few advantages that come with vaping that I wanted to share with you.

I found its way more convenient puffing away on my ecigarette while driving than regular cigarettes.

Here are some of the significant differences I noticed and am quite happy about:

  • No chance of burning anything! Every now and then, no matter how careful I was I’d end up having a hot cherry drop on my clothes while driving, leaving a nice burn mark ruining a shirt or pants. Even worse if the smoldering ash drops on the carpet in a visible spot taunting forever. For smokers with manual cars, ever smash your cigarette  right into the dash leaving a nice mark of melted plastic? Well no more worrying about burns, AT ALL. If you drop the electronic cigarette there’s no need to frantically search for it or put it out risking an accident and possible injury.
  • No more terrible odor! Even though I enjoyed smoking, I have never been a fan of the cigarette smell that remained. I always tried to air the car out before parking but this wasn’t always enough and the next time I would get in to go for a drive I would be greeted with a nice ashtray smell. This applies to you as well, as much as we don’t realize it our clothes stink from cigarettes especially when puffing away in a confined space like our cars. Now even if you’re puffing with the windows up you’ll be left with a nice pleasant odor that’s even better than air freshers.
  • Take puffs when you want to! This may not seem like a big deal, but its a nice change of pace from having to light up and finishing an entire stogie all at once. If you’re like me, you likely smoke more often while driving, now i find my self just taking a few puffs as I please instead of smoking an entire cigarettes worth. Got a call coming in? Well just put the ecigarette down take your call and resume when you’re done. Dangerous situation up ahead? Drop your device right into your lap so you can focus on driving.
  • No yellowing fingers! This was never really an issue for me until the very last few months. I’m not sure what changed but the spot where I would hold my cigarette started yellowing from the smoke. It was very unsightly and annoying to deal with, I’d find myself washing my hands after smoking to prevent it from building up. Obviously without smoke running up your hand this has been completely eliminated.
  • Improved breath! You’ll be a lot more pleasant to kiss to the opposite sex now that you don’t taste like an ashtray.

While at home I maintain my habit of going outside to smoke, like I always have. For those of you that smoke inside you’ll likely find the improvement in smell quite refreshing.

Found any other advantages not often associated with the electronic cigarette? I’d love to hear about them!

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