Ecigarette Parts: Ohms Explained

If you’ve been looking at cartomizers, atomizers, or tanks you’ve undoubtedly seen the “ohms” rating or “Low Resistance (LR)” listed along side such products. Many of these items are available for sale in various ohm ratings. Even if you know what the term means, if you’re new to electronic cigarettes it likely presents some form of confusion when you’re just looking to order replacement atomizers or want to try the latest cartomizer. I’ll try to provide some clarity regarding what ohms actually mean and how it applies to ecigarettes.

CE2 Cartomizer Review

I personally consider the CE2 the best cartridge system for a number of reasons, mainly the eliquid capacity and and clean taste. They aren’t perfect though, have a number of setbacks and some people may prefer other hardware.

Comparing the CE2 to a traditional carotmizer, the most obvious difference will be the lack of filler material. CE2 cartomizers work by wicking your nicotine juice up to the heating coil using a wick hanging directly in the juice. Coil sits snugly in a ceramic cup all sealed with a small plug which is far enough away from the heat to prevent it’s burning. This design holds more liquid in the same amount of space as there’s no filler batting taking up 50% of the space. Holding .8ml of juice, how often you refill will drop considerably. That’s a MASSIVE plus when compared to the standard cartridge.

What is dripping?

You may have seen the term dripping throw around but are unsure what it means. All it is, is just another method for vaping.

What you do is take a cartridge off your atomizer and put 3-5 drops of your favorite juice directly onto the atomizer coil or bridge. This will yield a couple ultra clean puffs full of vapor. Anytime you want to take another hit simply put a few more drops onto the atomizer. Superior taste and vapor production is obviously enticing to many people, especially if they find themselves refilling regular cartridges too often. In my opinion it’s very comparable to the way a CE2 cartomizer tastes which is significantly less hassle to use.

To accommodate dripping many retailers sell specifically designed mouthpieces called drip tips. They fit on-top of an atomizer much like a cartridge however they are completely hollow and have a wide mouth opening so you can drip juice directly into the atomizer without removing the drip tip itself. Drip tips come in different colors and materials, most will have an o-ring for a nice tight seal with the atomizer. There’s really not much to them, so just pick one that jumps out at you.

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Newbie Budget Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

eGo 510 Starter Kit
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Many new users are drawn to buying a starter kit that looks like a traditional cigarette. It’s a familiar style and completely understandable. However those batteries are on the small side, only about 180mAh for short ones and 300mAh for the longer versions. They won’t last all that long on a single charge. You’ll be left worrying about how much charge you have left or if you’ll get home in time or might buy even more spare batteries. Things like this can become annoying and might even ruin the first time experience.

Deciding between Manual or Automatic Batteries

There’s 2 primary battery types available they both have their pros and cons , hopefully with some of this info you’ll be able to get something you’ll be happy with.

Automatic Battery Pros: Biggest pro for many people is it’s just like a cigarette, simply start pulling like you’re taking a drag of a regular cigarette the battery has a switch that will automatically activate and vapor will begin to flow. I know it’s important for many people as everyone is seeking something that will resemble an actual cigarette as closely as possible.

Staying away from Analog Cigarettes while Drinking

A major sticking point with regular cigarettes is alcohol. If you’re like me when you’re drinking you really like puffing away on a cigarette more often. Like everyone else I get pretty carefree too, yearning for that puff may lead back to a cigarette. I actually found the ecigarette to be a great replacement while drinking. I can freely take puffs as much as I please anytime I want a smoke and I enjoy the taste better.

I do prefer a higher nicotine liquid though and also stick with more traditional tobacco flavors.

Beginner eCigarette Liquid Information

If you’ve been looking for some additional ecigarette liquid (also known as juice, or ejuice) you might have run across some terms that may not be familiar. Let me give you a bit of an overview so you have a better understanding of what you’re buying and can be more educated in your purchase. Less guesswork will help you find the liquids you’re more likely to enjoy.

Liquid mostly comes in 3 basic varieties: PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or some mix of both. These are your main vapor producers to which nicotine and flavor is added.

Feeling Great

So I haven’t had an analog cigarette in about a month now and I feel great. Some of the changes I’ve noticed over this period:

  • I noticed my breathing has gotten easier, even though it was never labored to begin with.
  • My heart rate has also dropped. It’s always been at the 95-100 beats per minute level, I just happened to check and found it dropped to 75-80 beats per minute now. This was a pleasant surprise, I haven’t changed anything as far as diet or exercise goes.

First Buyer E-Cigarette Guide

So you’ve seen some of the hype of electronic cigarettes and are thinking about taking the plunge but have questions? I’ve put together a small overview that will introduce your to the world of ecigarettes and provide you with a better understanding of the product so you can make a better choice when it comes to making your starter kit purchase.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Effectively it’s a handheld vaporizer. Vaporizers heat up substances, a nicotine liquid in our case, to a specific temperature where it starts evaporating. All electric cigarettes share the same essential parts: