My First Experience with Electronic Cigarettes

I’ve been smoking about a pack every a day of Marlboro Reds for over a decade now.  I, unlike some others, actually enjoy smoking and don’t really have much desire to quit. When I first heard about electronic cigarettes my curiosity was peaked. Being able to continue smoking without inhaling the 4000+ toxins found in regular cigarettes was certainly intriguing.

I first started by borrowing my friends e cigarette, although I still had some mild morning and and before sleep  cravings that could only be satisfied by a real smoke I was down to only 2 cigarettes a day from the start. Shortly after I weened my self off the real thing. Even though the desire to smoke a real cigarette was still there, using my ecigarette satisfied that urge. They provide about 80-90% of the experience while still fulfilling my nicotine craving and now I actually find it even more enjoyable. Regular cigarette smoke smells terrible, I can breathe easier, and my sense of smell and taste is starting to awaken.

I’ve since been doing a lot of research on the subject and purchased my own supplies. I wanted to start this blog in hopes of helping others find the right starter kits and accessories from the star. There’s many starter kits out there on the market but not all are made the same, and finding the right one from the beginning will provide the most enjoyable experience.

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