Innokin iTaste VV 3.0

iTaste VV 3.0
Variable Wattage Arrives in Small Form!
After being disappointed with the multitude of cheap unreliable batteries and kits flooding the market I’ve finally found something better. The iTaste VV by Innokin, a company that has an almost Apple-esque feel. iTaste VV is part of the smaller group of batteries that are portable friendly, fitting easily in your pocket. Departing from the round shape for a contoured square the iTaste VV packs a ton of features, found only in the larger units, into a much more manageable size.

There’s a big differentiation between this product and all the others at this size. Not only is the iTaste a variable voltage unit (allowing you to set a custom voltage) it also provides the option of variable wattage mode! We’ll go over why this is awesome and you should embrace it in the Features section.

iTaste VV 3.0 Packaging


Packaging is very clean, iTaste VV presented in all it’s glory once you pop open the box with the rest of the essentials to be found below. Construction itself is solid, chrome metal endcaps caps riveted to what seems like an aluminum body provides a solid feel in hand that’s not too heavy. A good size screen with 2 buttons below it sits at the bottom, while the fire button is well positioned for your thumb at the top.

There’s a few colors available, including a white, black, stainless and if memory serves correctly there’s also a chameleon option.


Before diving into the more complex features I’ll start on the more common basics. This unit carries an 800mAh battery, of which I generally carry two for an entire day.

iTaste VV 3.0The activation button also acts as a battery indicator. With the outside glowing in one of 3 colors while you puff. Green indicating a good charge, yellow indicating that power is getting low, while red is telling you it’s time to charge and the amount of puffs remaining is very limited. Additionally 3 presses will turn the unit on and off.

There’s a simple resistance check for your attached cartomizer or tank accessible by simply pressing the two small [+ and -] buttons, positioned next to the screen, simultaneously. I’ve found the iTaste shows no inconsistency or variance from consecutive checks unlike other units. To be frank, I’m not sure if this is more or less accurate but from a usability standpoint it just feels right. Shortly after, your current voltage setting is also shown.

iTaste VV 3.0 ScreenSpeaking of the screen, outside of the Joyetech eVic, this screen rivals that of other large units and the information is displayed in large blue characters.

Personally I’ve found navigating the menu very user friendly and well thought out compared to many other devices. There’s no need to memorize many consecutive steps or menu items, or scroll through countless screens just to to access some piece of information or perform some kind of task. It’s pretty clear that the developers really thought this one through.

By default the iTaste is set to variable voltage which can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.0 volts in .1 incriments. Holding either of the + or – buttons for a second brings up the current puff counter, followed by the variable adjustment.

However, the real secret of the iTaste can be found by switching it to it’s variable wattage mode, which is adjustable from 6 through 11 watts in .5 watt increments. Most individuals are likely to find a sweet spot in the 7 to 9 watt range using a 1.5 to 2.0 tank. Switching is rather simple and can be done at any time. First hold one of the + or – keys to bring up the variable adjustment. Then hold the fire button and + to enter variable wattage mode (using the – button would revert back to variable voltage). The screen will switch from V to P confirming the change. If you’re a high wattage vaper (15watts +) then this might not be the unit for you, but I haven’t seen anything in this size that would achieve those numbers either.

You might be asking yourself; So whats so great about adjusting wattage? The short version; while variable voltage requires adjustment depending on the resistance of the cartomizer attached, once you find a wattage setting you like the unit will adjust the voltage required regardless of the resistance of what you screw on it. Basically when you adjust voltage you’re really changing the final wattage output, which is somewhat backwards, and a variable wattage unit will generally do the work for you resulting is way less adjustments.

The threads are 510 and eGo compatible giving you the option of just about any tank or cartomizer system out there. It carries a 3ML DCT tank perfectly, and with the appropriate trim ring to cover those eGo threads looks quite sleek.

Moving to the total opposite end, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the iTaste charges via a micro USB cable. I’m able to use the heaps of other cables (such as from my Galaxy S4) to charge these batteries. Not only that but it comes with a USB to micro USB spindle cable that unwinds and locks into position and auto-rewinds back into a very neat package when not in use. Not only that, but you can vape while you charge. Making it an awesome unit to puff on while you’re at your computer.


So far I’ve really only found 1 issue wit this unit. While the buttons are solid, and the clicks positive every time, the + and – button have a bit of extra space around them allowing them to shake in their seated position. It can produce a slight audible noise. I feel like if there was a seal surrounding them that would alleviate the issue. Considering how thought out the entire unit is I’m surprised this wasn’t addressed.

Other than that, the only other potential turn-off on these might be the price. They are a bit more expensive than an eGo battery however I found eGo batteries tend to require replacement more often and don’t their capacity to hold a charge begins to waver quicker. In the long run this might actually provide a better value in comparison.

What I like about the iTaste VV
Variable Wattage: Much more consistent vapor.
LCD: Bright, good size.
Features: I haven’t found anything it’s missing.
Build: Solid, metal, rivets.
Size: Portability is important.
What I don’t like about the iTaste VV
Loose buttons: Minor but it’s the only real downside.
Price: On the more expensive range.


iTaste VV is by far the best small scale battery I’ve used. It’s become my go to portable device. Providing all the features that I’ve grown accustomed to from large Advanced PVs into something I can throw in my jeans or coat pocket and still have room for my phone, keys, or wallet. Well built, easy to use, and consistent on vapor production! If you use smaller PVs for portability reasons I definitely recommend giving the iTaste VV a try.


iTaste VV 3.0 Starter Kit – Includes everything needed to get you started
iTaste VV 3.0 Battery Only – Cheapest price I’ve found for standalone batteries

3ML DCT tank – Pair your new iTaste with a dual coil tank.
3ML Tank Trim Ring – Cover up the eGo threads for a finished look.

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