You’ll find everything you need to know that will help you get started with electronic cigarettes. This site is new but updates are coming with my reviews and recommendations on the best starter kit, what accessories work and information about everything having to do with ecigs.

Recent Updates

I decided it’s time to start sharing some of the e-liquids I enjoy. Take a look at the new E-Liquid Section and check out the reviews for two of my favorite juices; Halo Freedom, which is my go-to all day vape, and Halo Torque56.

Another starterkit review is up: Lavatube Variable Voltage

Check out the latest ecig starter kit review for the eGo-Tank Start Kit.

New cartomizer review including the SmokeTech 1.7 Low Resistance Carto and the CE2 series Cartomizer

If you’re completely new to the Electronic Cigarette world read the buyers guide

Ready to get a started? Take a look at what I’ve found to be the best starter-kit through some wasted cash and my own trial and error. I really think this kit will give you the best enjoyment from your first experience. More info…