Halo Torque 56 E-Liquid Review

Torque 56 is a real aromatic tobacco flavor by Halo designed to really give your senses a workout.


This juice tastes very much like it smells. A fragrant tobacco that’s slightly sweet. Firstly I’d like to say there’s nothing reminiscent of a cigarette in this juice in terms of taste. In fact it’s more like a cigar or cigarillo but even that’s not accurate. It doesn’t taste the way a burning cigar would. Instead I always feel like I just put a mellow cigar right under my nose and took a big whiff.

The initial inhale starts off tame, quite earthy. There’s a slight coolness in the flavor itself though it’s not a menthol flavor in anyway. The exhale is rich full of the essence of tobacco, lightly sweet and not at all bitter. The sweetness is not overbearing and melds with the tobacco aroma perfectly. If you’re looking for a sugar sweetness this is not the juice where you will find it. Rather I’m reminded of a plum tobacco, a combination that I should say works rather well.

Throat Hit

Where this juice really shines is the satisfaction you get from vaping. The throat hit is really prominent and everytime I inhale or exhale I feel like I’m actually taking a drag. There’s a very positive sensation of the vapor hitting your throat, and filling your lungs resulting in a satisfying exhale making it feel like I actually accomplished something more than just having some kind of taste in my mouth. Seemingly this juice was created exactly with that in mind and in that it succeeds.


As with all Halo ejuice, it evaporates cleanly and is easy on your atmoizer or cartomizer. You can expect good life from your hardware on and I usually get at minimum 3-4 days before I start noticing a real decline in flavor or performance running this juice exclusively.


If you enjoy cigar or cigarillo tobaccos, this flavor is certainly worth a shot. While the exhale is mellow the flavor is strong and personally I can’t handle this as an all day vape. Then again I never enjoyed cigars on a daily basis either and my vaping style for this juice mimics that, where I have this desire for a fragrant tobacco every now and then to break up the mundane day to day flavors.

Where to Buy

Halo Torque56 E-Liquid – Available nicotine Levels: 6, 12, 18, & 24 mg/ml

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