Halo E-Liquid: Freedom Juice

I’d like to start my e-liquid reviews with the first quality e-liquid that I found, and still use to this day on a regular basis. In fact it’s one of my primary flavors that I can’t live without.

There’s a few things to take into account with e-liquid, while there’s other factors these are the primary ones; taste, consistency, and cleanliness. They’re all equally important and it’s a combination of all these factors that make one e-liquid better than another.

  • Taste: An obvious and primary requirement, you want something that gives you flavors that you enjoy.
  • Consistency: I don’t mean the viscosity of the liquid itself but rather the consistency in flavor with repeat purchases from one batch to the next. I’ve noticed some vendors make batches that taste slightly different. This can be a huge let down when you expect one thing but what you get in your next order is just different enough to dislike.
  • Cleanliness: This one requires a bit of an explanation. Various juices have various amount of suspended solids in them. When the liquid evaporates these particles remain on the heating coil in your atomizer or cartomizer. The ‘dirtier’ a juice is with these solids the faster your equipment will foul and require cleaning or replacing. This may not sound like such a big deal, however there’s a massive difference in the hassle of dealing with with fouled cartomizers daily versus once or twice a week. After months of dealing with ‘dirty’ e-liquid I’ve come to really appreciate a lack of maintenance that comes with a well made, clean juice to the point that I consider this as important as taste itself.

Halo e-liquid glass bottleWhile it will be impossible to find a true cigarette flavor in e-liquid, Halo Freedom Juice has some undeniable cigarette like quality in it unlike any other.

On inhale you’re treated with subtle sweet notes. I feel like I detect just a touch of vanilla. It’s faint enough to trigger the taste buds but not overbearing, really very pleasant and provides a good throat hit.

When exhaling, you’re treated with a faint smokiness. Low quality tobacco flavors that attempt to mimic cigarettes simply smell and taste like ashtrays. This, this is quite different however, the smokey flavor is there capturing just a bit of that cigarette like exhale. It invokes a nostalgic feeling, your brain revels in those same qualities you used to enjoy about smoking cigarettes. I remember the first time I tried this e-liquid, a comforting feeling washed over me and an involuntary smile had manifested on my face.


While I will admit that I have tried better tasting e-liquid. The cleanliness of Halo Freedom Juice is another massive benefit that no other’s seem to be able to match. My cartomizers easily last anywhere from 5-7 days of all day puffing. There’s no other quality flavored e-liquid out there, that I’ve come across, that matches how clean this juice is. Those better tasting e-liquids I mentioned, they used to foul my cartomizer in less than 1 day, dealing with that became so tedious that I simply stopped purchasing them. It’s this combination of flavor and clean formula that easily makes this one of the best juices I’ve tried and it’s the reason I still vape it daily, over 1.5 years later.

The Company

Halo e-liquid glass dropper with measuring marksHalo is really, in my opinion, one of the best e-liquid makers out there. Their e-liquid is consistent, I know that every-time I place an order I will get those same exact flavors as I had the previous time. I’ve never had a shipping or quality issue with them. They process and ship orders quickly, and they arrive well packaged. One of the things I truly like about their practices is the fact they use glass bottles. Doing some research on plastics, it’s fact that overtime even the hardest platics tend to leech chemicals in small quantities into the contents they hold. Glass on the other hand is inert, doesn’t react and never leeches anything. Their bottles feature a blue tint to further protect the contents from the sun, as well as a convenient dropper top with measuring marks.


Everything about this e-liquid feels right and everything is well balanced. The flavor is great, a soft pleasant sweet, smokey concoction. As with nearly all Halo juices good throat hit and excellent vapor production are there. It works well in every device and accessory combination I’ve tried it on. It’s potentially one of the few e-liquids I have nothing negative to say about.

Where to buy

Halo Freedom Juice – Available nicotine Levels: 6, 12, 18, & 24 mg/ml

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    1. All the droppers I’ve seen from Halo have always been glass. The only non glass piece is the rubber at the top of the dropper, however I don’t think it sustains constant contact with the juice so I’m not concerned about it.

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