eGo-T Starter Kit Review

One of the original Ecig Tank Systems
A great option for the first time ecigarette user!

Tanks have grown in popularity ever since Joye released the first eGo-T. The main attraction and draw to tanks is the ease of filling and greater ejuice capacities. Unlike traditional carts and cartomizers, the tank doesn’t use any filler material to hold liquid so you can store more liquid, which translates to less refilling and more time puffing.

What’s in the Box

The starter kit, like all eGo kits, come in really nice packaging that perfectly reflect the great product inside. I got mine in matte black which has a nice battery coating that’s not only durable but slightly soft to the touch. There’s many other color options available, however I’m not certain if they all possess the soft touch coating of the matte black. The batteries are well put together, the button provides positive feedback and is designed to last for thousands of clicks without failure.

Other goodies include 2 eGoT Atomizers, along with 5 empty tank cartridges, a small carrying pount and an AC/USB charger. Everything is there to get you going with 1 glaring exception. This kit is missing ejuice, and the tank cartridges included are empty. eGo has usually offered empty or prefilled carts with their standard starter kits, however with the tank system I imagine any prefilled juice would have leaked out anyway. This means you absolutely need to purchase some eliquid with your starter kit if you want to be vaping as soon as you get it.

Putting everything together is a breeze. The atomizer screws on and fits the battery perfectly. Grab a fresh tank, remove the rubber end-cap and push the empty tank into the atomizer until you hear a click. You need to do this initially to open a flap in the tank. Once you feel it snap in, take it out and it’s ready to be filled. Go ahead and fill the tank with your favorite juice and push it back into the atomizer. Make sure you feel that snap which indicates the tank has seated, otherwise you’ll have juice leaking out.

Tip: Fill your tanks to about 85% capacity. You want to leave just a bit of air space to prevent a vacuum from forming as juice is used up, this will avoid dry hits.

How it Works

These are a bit difficult to disassemble, the wick holder is pressed into the cone and doesn’t come out easy. I was able to pull that out to snap some shots of everything.
Disassembled Ego-T Atomizer
How the tank system works is pretty straight forward. The tank snaps onto the wick holder which has a post that punctures it through the center opening. This post also holds a wick inside, which prevents fluid from gushing out but absorbs liquid readily. The wick then simply rests ontop of the coil delivering juice.

The Ego Tanks also feature a really clever design for the mouthpiece. A small annoying issue that can come up when vaping is having droplets of juice make their way out of cartomizers and onto your lips or in your mouth. While not a deal breaker, it’s also not very pleasant. The EgoT mouthpiece addresses this issue head on. Forcing vapor to go through narrow channels and multiple chambers ensuring that by the time vapor reaches your mouth there’s never going to be a droplet of juice coming with it. I’ve outlined the path air travels through the mouthpiece below.
Ego Tank, Mouthpiece Design

How it Vapes

Initial impressions right out of the box are very good. Ok flavor but consistently good hits with large clouds. Refilling the tank is easy, and being able to see the juice level eliminates any guesswork of when to refill. Mouthpiece works great at keeping juice out of your mouth and the entire piece looks sleek and feels solid.

Some things I dislike about these. The draw is slightly tight, I imagine it’s due to the smaller passages, but personally I would have loved them to be just a bit easier to take a drag. Flavors just don’t come through as strong on the tank system, especially after some usage. Cleaning is also difficult since the unit is not meant to be disassembled. Some people rinse them, which helps to a degree. They can also be dryburned like a CE style cartomizer to return the coil to like new function however it takes a long while to get the coil dry enough.

Advantages of the eGo-T Kit:
Vapor: Great consistent vapor production. You’ll be exhaling clouds.
Transparent Tank: See exactly how much liquid remains, no guessing if you need to refill.
Easy Refilling: Pull the tank out, fill and push it back in. Simple.
Multi-chamber Mouthpiece: Prevents liquid drops from getting on your lips or in your mouth.
Battery Duration: As with all kits using 650mAh+ batteries you’ll get hours of vaping from these.
Design and Feel: With the soft touch coating the unit feels superb and also looks great.
Disadvantages of the eGo-T Kit:
Muted Flavor & Throat Hit: Flavors don’t come through very strong, and throat hit is slightly diminished.
Not as Serviceable: The atmoizer is not meant to be disassembled, and while dry burning does work to renew the atomizer it takes much longer for some reason to accomplish. Rinsing is easy though.
Expensive Replacement Atomizers: Replacement atmoizers are more expensive because they have more material and a more complex construction.
Leaks: Some have reported their tanks seeping lightly, I never encountered it however it’s worth mentioning.
Misc Notes:
Tighter Draw: This is very preference dependent. It’s not difficult to take a puff though.
User More Liquid: Not necessarily a disadvantage. Creating more vapor does use up more juice however.
Starter Kit Options

eGo Tank starter kits come with a number of battery options starting with the traditional 650mAh eGo batteries and stepping up to longer version rated at 900mAh and 1000mAh. The 650mAh are a bit wider than a traditional cigarette and fit snugly in the palm of your hand. They should provide the average, 1 pack a day smoker, a charge that will last half a day. The 900mAh and 1000mAh batteries will be about 1 inch longer but provide an even larger charge that may be more suitable to a heavier smoker who’s likely to be taking drags more frequently throughout the day. While these batteries maybe larger than traditional cigarettes, it’s absolutely vital to have something that will last you all day and won’t leave you stranded without a battery.

Where to Buy

Joyetech eGo-T (650mAh) Starter Kit – Black
Joyetech eGo-T (650mAh) Starter Kit – Stainless
Joyetech eGo-T (650mAh) Starter Kit – Pink

Additional Items
Joye eGo-C Twist Battery – 650mah A simple variable volt battery serves as a great replacement.
Joye eGo-C Twist Battery – 1000mah Same as above but larger in size for longer vaping.

Don’t forget your Liquid

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    1. It might be possible but likely a waste. Atmos makes a good product with swappable attachments specifically for that 😉

    1. Its a tight hit when I first started on it earlier today if I closed my mouth completely around it I didn’t get a good hit or vapor it was like trying to suck a thick shake threw a straw. Try leaving the corners of your mouth open when you hit it the drag won’t be as hard and you’ll get pretty good vapor. 🙂

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