First Buyer E-Cigarette Guide

So you’ve seen some of the hype of electronic cigarettes and are thinking about taking the plunge but have questions? I’ve put together a small overview that will introduce your to the world of ecigarettes and provide you with a better understanding of the product so you can make a better choice when it comes to making your starter kit purchase.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Effectively it’s a handheld vaporizer. Vaporizers heat up substances, a nicotine liquid in our case, to a specific temperature where it starts evaporating. All electric cigarettes share the same essential parts:

  1. Cartridge: holds the nicotine liquid
  2. Atomizer: heating element that vaporizes liquid into a gas
  3. Rechargeable Battery: used to power the atomozier

Sometimes the cartridge and atomizer are individual pieces, but it’s also common to find them as a single combined unit referred to as the  cartomizer. It doesn’t really matter much which your starter kit has, you can purchase the other style as replacement in the future and see what works better for you. Here’s a visual aid for you:

Electronic Cigarette Parts

Most important thing when selecting a starter-kit?

The Battery is the most vital component, period! All other items have a significantly shorter lifespan and will require more frequent replacement.

So what do you need to look for in a battery when selecting a starter kit?

  1. Number one, the lifespan of the battery charge: the  longer you can use the battery without a recharge, the better. Most people like to start with a ‘cigarette looking’ battery because they are familiar but a trade off is a smaller charge. Be sure to get a Personal Charging Case (PPC) if you go with one of these, it will recharge your battery while you’re not using it. Also get the longest battery since it will hold more charge overall. Most starter kits fall into this category.
  2. Number two, how it’s operated: you maybe drawn to automatic batteries which turn as you start to take a drag, however people have had problems with them turning on unintentionally. Although some of these can be much better than other’s and work well for some people I personally just recommend manual batteries. They require you to push a small button while you take your puff. It may sound odd but you really get used to it quickly and it’s not a big deal. Manual batteries will be much less prone to turning on unintentionally.

Are cartridges and cartomizers refillable?

Yes, most are refillable numerous times. It also makes the electric cigarette a much more cost effective alternative to smoking. Refilling your ecigarette with nicotine liquid yourself is easy and can keep costs down to less than 1 dollar per day. I highly recommend picking up some extra ejuice with your starter-kit. All you need to do is pull out the soft cap and put a few drops in.

Cartomizers and Atomizers do eventually burn out or deteriorate with use, so you will need to replace them from time to time. I have gotten 1 week use from some and up to 4 weeks use from others.

What is the cigarette equivalent to a single fill for a cartridge or cartomizer?

This all depends on your smoking habits, however I can tell you almost all starter-kits make exaggerated claims in this regard. a prefilled cartridge may last from half to full day, refilled ones may last a bit less.

Which Nicotine strength to get?

If you’re a pack a day smoker 18-24mg nicotine liquid (medium or high) should be a good start. You can try various liquids in the future to find the right strength for you.

Other Accessories

The other primary part of a starter-kit is battery charging, most kits come with a USB + Wall adapter will will let you recharge from you PC or a wall outlet. You may also want to pick up a car charge which are usually sold separately.

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