Dual Coil / MAP Tank (DCT) Review

Cartomizer Based Tanks that Work

I’ve been hesitant to try more tanks as I’ve been personally partial to standard cartomizers. DCT is short for Dual Coil Tank, however single coil cartomizers are also available for these tanks. They started out originally as DIY tanks made from things sych as syringe bodies to work in conjunction with standard cartomizers but have now evolved into well designed and mass produced products.

I have to say I’m quite surprised at how well these work. Effectively they reduce the amount of times you have to refill a cartomizer by auto-feeding eliquid through a small hole punched in the carto. Simply put you fill up the tank and continue vaping until it runs out and then refill, however these tanks can hold an additional 3 to 5 ml of juice greatly reducing the amount of times you would have to refill during the day. After months of use I can confidently say they’re a mainstay in my vaping arsenal used on a daily basis.

How They’re Made

DCT - Dual Coil Tank - Breakdown
DCT or MAP tanks are in simplest terms just a liquid container surrounding a standard cartomizer. Most all of them follow the above configuration with 2 end caps, that slide into a clear tube which then slides onto a special cartomizer. The Cartomizer has 2 additional features, a single (or multiple) pre-punched holes towards the bottom. Additionally there’s a lip to act as a stopper.

I’d like to point out that initial versions of these tanks were made from perfectly clear hard plastic called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate was prone to cracking resulting in leaks and requiring frequent replacements, which was mainly the reason I’ve stayed away for this long. Newer versions use polypropylene making them slightly flexible and it would actually require some effort to crack, making them ideal for longevity. I’ve used the same two tanks for months now with no issues. Polypropylene tanks can be easily identified by their frosted or smokey finish while maintaining enough transparency to easily see liquid levels inside. Crack prone polycarbonate tanks, on the other hand, are perfectly transparent and generally look like glass in pictures.

How to Fill DCT Tanks

DCT - Dual Coil Tank - Filling Methods

There’s mainly two methods to fill these tanks. 1) Completely remove the top plug and fill with juice. This, to me, is actually the more difficult method for filling tanks as the top plug can be hard to remove. Additionally once you replace the plug it pushes the juice down into the cartomizer which will nearly always cause it to flood from the bottom. If you do choose this way, move the entire tank upward before removing the top plug as this makes it easier to remove the top plug. 2) I find this second method much easier to deal with. Simply move the tank upwards over the cartomizer and allow the liquid to flow down the side. Once complete just push the tank down. While you won’t get a 100% fill this way most of the time, you are unlikely to get leaks and overall this is a much easier method.

Tip: When using a fresh cartomizer fill them as you would a normal cartomizer, from the top. This prevents any chance of dry hits. Afterwards top up the tank and refill by topping up going forward.

DCT Sizes

DCT - Dual Coil Tank - Size Comparison
Size wise, the 3ml DCT Tanks are about the thickness of your eGo battery, where as a 5ml tank would be the perfect thickness of a Lavatube. It should be noted, whether you opt for the 3ml or 5ml, both effectively require a drip tip to use as there’s not enough cartomizer length remaining for your lips to wrap around without one.

Why I like DCT Tanks
Less Refilling: Vape longer without refilling your cartomizer.
No Leaking: Polypropylene tanks don’t crack easily and won’t leak after multiple refills.
What I don’t like
Replacement Cost: Cartopmizers with lips and pre-punched holes are slightly more expensive.

I personally like these. I like the disposable aspect of cartomizers and I like not having to refill them all the time. These don’t leak during regular use, are durable and work great with my favorite clean juices for multiple days at a time. The extra expense is not that big a deal all things considering.


3ML DCT Tank – Available in multiple colors. Comes with 1 cartomizer and mouthpiece.
5ML DCT Tank – Available in multiple colors. Comes with 1 cartomizer and mouthpiece.

Make sure you get replacement cartomizers. I recommend 1.5ohm for all 3.2v-3.7v devices (such as eGo batteries) and 1.5-2.0ohm for variable voltage devices.
SmokTECH 510 DCT 1.5ohm Dual Coil Cartomizer
SmokTECH 510 DCT 2.0ohm Dual Coil Cartomizer

Use trim rings to cover up eGo style threads for a clean look to your ecig.
3ML DCT Tank Cone
5ML DCT Tank Cone


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