Deciding between Manual or Automatic Batteries

There’s 2 primary battery types available they both have their pros and cons , hopefully with some of this info you’ll be able to get something you’ll be happy with.

Automatic Battery Pros: Biggest pro for many people is it’s just like a cigarette, simply start pulling like you’re taking a drag of a regular cigarette the battery has a switch that will automatically activate and vapor will begin to flow. I know it’s important for many people as everyone is seeking something that will resemble an actual cigarette as closely as possible.

Automatic Battery Cons: There’s a few downsides to automatic batteries in ecigarettes that you should know about.

  • They’re not completely sealed. What I mean is the activation switch needs to detect air moving when you take a drag, so where the battery connects to an atomizer there’s a hole. It happens that sometimes you might overfill a cartomizer and some juice will drip down , it might ruin the battery.
  • Activation switches are not all made the same, you might encounter some delay between when you start your puff and when you get vapor. I imagine this would be really annoying and might turn someone off completely.
  • Unwanted activation might be possible sometimes in very loud environments where the switch detects enough pressure change and thinks you’re trying to take a puff. A certain vibration may do the same it depends on the switch used.
  • More starter kits that are of poor quality use automatic batteries because it’s easier to get the sale since they mimic real cigs.

Having said that I have heard people give both positive and negative feedback on automatic batteries. Some of the newer models coming out apparently have really improved the quality and reduced some of the problems. I haven’t tried any good automatic battery yet so I have a hard time recommending one right now.

Manual Battery Pros

  • Sealed battery, now don’t go thinking you’ll be puffing underwater with these but there’s no hole where the battery connects since the switch is just a button on the side of the battery. Even if you overfill slightly and some fluid drips down toward the battery you won’t ruin anything.
  • Button activated, this one is both a pro and for some a con. Good thing here is that it won’t activate in odd circumstances like a concert or club where loud music causes vibration and pressure changes.

Manual Battery Cons: Main downside people have with these is they don’t feel like the real cig when it’s being being described because you have to click a button when you pull. It seems to many first timers like a device and doesn’t mimic what we’ve been doing while smoking.

I really like the manual battery. After 1 or 2 days you get completely used to it and it feels just as natural taking puffs. They’ve been known to be more consistent and reliable overall. I really recommend this starter kit if you’re ok with diverging slightly from the normal shape and method. You’ll get really nice consistent vapor

For those who do want manual battery with the traditional cigarette shape I think I’ve actually found a few quality setups and I’ll be adding some info on those once I have some time to spend with them.

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