CE2 Cartomizer Review

I personally consider the CE2 the best cartridge system for a number of reasons, mainly the eliquid capacity and and clean taste. They aren’t perfect though, have a number of setbacks and some people may prefer other hardware.

Comparing the CE2 to a traditional carotmizer, the most obvious difference will be the lack of filler material. CE2 cartomizers work by wicking your nicotine juice up to the heating coil using a wick hanging directly in the juice. Coil sits snugly in a ceramic cup all sealed with a small plug which is far enough away from the heat to prevent it’s burning. This design holds more liquid in the same amount of space as there’s no filler batting taking up 50% of the space. Holding .8ml of juice, how often you refill will drop considerably. That’s a MASSIVE plus when compared to the standard cartridge.

Here’s what the guts of the CE2 look like. You can take one apart and reassemble quite easily.

If you’re like me and after a week or so have become annoyed at always dripping into carts or cartos to avoid dry hits by keeping them wet, then I really suggest you try these out. While a CE2 is filled, it provides for the best vaping experience and it will do it for far longer and at a more consistent pace than a regular carto.

What I love about these is the clean taste. When ejuice goes through a filler material, there’s definitely some additional flavor added. You may no even realize it now, but if you are able to compare the two it will be glaringly apparent. Without any filler material the CE2s lets all the intricacies shine through. I even consider them more flavorful or equivalent to dripping. CE2s also remain consistent far longer than plain cartos. I suggest a quick rinse and dry before first use.

These can be refilled multiple times in between maintenance depending on how thick/dirty your juice is. They can also be restored to like new condition a multitude of times. This definitely saves on cash however maintenance it self is a bit more involved. Takes a bit getting used to removing the plug, and also some extra time to perform a dry burn to remove any material in juice which didn’t vaporize at the low temps seen by a wet wick. It really only takes about 3 minutes to get one clean, but it is a bit more involved than simply rinsing filler material. I’ve found that cleaner, thinner juices really cut down on required maintenance, which really applies to all ecig atomizers not just CE2s.

Filling might also be a turn some off for some. There’s a small pinhole in a sealing plug which requires a syringe to fill. I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t want to whip out a syringe in public or even carry one around with me. It’s definitely a negative, but I would urge people put off by this to try them despite this. I just make sure I have enough refilled CE2s to last me an entire day. Realistically I only need a couple for the day so I’ve never had a time when I ran out carrying a few extras.

Overall, the good far out weights the bad for me. I’ve tried everything out there and have not found something as consistent and no-fuss through out the day as the CE2. I can refill or clean them at the end of the day at home, but for the entire day I don’t need to worry about refilling or crappy taste. That’s what really matters to me and that’s what the CE2 Clear Cartomizer can deliver.

Where to Buy

This version is no longer available due to many advances. Check out these newer updated versions for comparable products:
iClear16 1.5ohm

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