Beginner eCigarette Liquid Information

If you’ve been looking for some additional ecigarette liquid (also known as juice, or ejuice) you might have run across some terms that may not be familiar. Let me give you a bit of an overview so you have a better understanding of what you’re buying and can be more educated in your purchase. Less guesswork will help you find the liquids you’re more likely to enjoy.

Liquid mostly comes in 3 basic varieties: PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or some mix of both. These are your main vapor producers to which nicotine and flavor is added.

  • PG liquid is normally thinner, and gives a much better throat hit. You know that feeling of taking a puff and inhaling, however as a downside you get less vapor in each puff. Most liquid is PG based. There have been some people who have reported allergies to PG juice which manifest as rashes or just a crappy feeling and as such prefer to stick with VG as an alternative, but odds are you’re not one of those people.
  • VG liquid is noticeably thicker in consistency and it’s main advantage over PG is it tends to provide a really significant amount of vapor. It’s does have a few downsides which I’m not happy about. It’s much smoother which some may prefer but for me its nearly a complete lack of that throat hit sensation. I feel like I’m smoking air, I would equate it to smoking ultra lites. What I really disliked is the inherit heaviness or even oiliness type quality to the taste of vapor thats difficult to describe. Another noticeable difference is the speed with which it will foul your atomizer so cleaning or replacements will be more frequent. I really wasn’t happy with straight VG and glad I only ordered a 5ml bottle to try.
  • Combination PG and VG usually come in 70%PG/30%VG or sometimes 80PG/20PG. In my opinion this is by far the most enjoyable and allows the strengths of both to shine. You retain all the qualities of PG based liquid, and the slight addition of VG provides that extra vapor for an enjoyable and satisfying experience without any of the other downsides. It’s also my preferred choice when purchasing liquid. Some places even let you specify what kind of mix you prefer and will custom mix it for you.

There’s not much to know about nicotine, it’s all pharmaceutical grade and the only choice to make here is how much potency you want. I recommend getting the smallest bottles in various strengths so you can find the right one for you. As a broad guide line heavy smokers would likely go 24mg +, regular smokers should be happy with 12-18mg and those looking to cut down on nicotine or more casual smokers should be satisfied with 0-10mg.

Flavor makes up the rest of the liquid and it’s very much dependent on your preferences. For those starting out, I again suggest trying small quantities of not only various flavors but also various vendors. Make sure to stay away from Chinese  liquid. It’s cheapness maybe tempting but spend the extra time and money to seek out US made liquid, if the chinese can design toys with lead and miss poison in catfood do you really want to risk inhaling vapor from their juice? I certainly don’t. I know US based companies take care, test ingredients and are concerned about what their customers are getting, not to mention it helps support American small business and thats something we should all do more of.

You should know that after years of smoking your taste buds may be numbed and certain liquids may taste good at first, once your taste begins returning that may change but there’s many choices and trying all different kinds of flavors is half the fun.

VERY IMPORTANT! ALWAYS SHAKE YOUR LIQUID before use. I wish someone told me this ahead of time. I’m quite certain they layer to some extent even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. You might get inconsistent flavor / nicotine / throat hit if you don’t shake those bottles before use. I’ve felt like I had smoked all the throat hit, flavor in stages but once I began shaking them up I haven’t encountered it ever again.

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