Innokin iTaste VV 3.0

iTaste VV 3.0
Variable Wattage Arrives in Small Form!
After being disappointed with the multitude of cheap unreliable batteries and kits flooding the market I’ve finally found something better. The iTaste VV by Innokin, a company that has an almost Apple-esque feel. iTaste VV is part of the smaller group of batteries that are portable friendly, fitting easily in your pocket. Departing from the round shape for a contoured square the iTaste VV packs a ton of features, found only in the larger units, into a much more manageable size.

VV Gripper by SmokTech

VV Gripper - In a Box

Look at those Curves!

After losing my fullsize Lavatube in a Taxi I went on the hunt for a new device and of course wanted to checkout if there was anything new and improved on the market. While I loved it’s function I was never happy with the size and shape of the Lavatube. I used it at home or in the office but never felt comfortable with it in public. When I saw the VV Gripper from SmokTech it instantly peaked my interested based on the shape. It’s price isn’t all bad either with the standalone unit coming in at under $50.

Dual Coil / MAP Tank (DCT) Review

Cartomizer Based Tanks that Work

I’ve been hesitant to try more tanks as I’ve been personally partial to standard cartomizers. DCT is short for Dual Coil Tank, however single coil cartomizers are also available for these tanks. They started out originally as DIY tanks made from things sych as syringe bodies to work in conjunction with standard cartomizers but have now evolved into well designed and mass produced products.

Halo Torque 56 E-Liquid Review

Torque 56 is a real aromatic tobacco flavor by Halo designed to really give your senses a workout.


This juice tastes very much like it smells. A fragrant tobacco that’s slightly sweet. Firstly I’d like to say there’s nothing reminiscent of a cigarette in this juice in terms of taste. In fact it’s more like a cigar or cigarillo but even that’s not accurate. It doesn’t taste the way a burning cigar would. Instead I always feel like I just put a mellow cigar right under my nose and took a big whiff.

Halo E-Liquid: Freedom Juice

I’d like to start my e-liquid reviews with the first quality e-liquid that I found, and still use to this day on a regular basis. In fact it’s one of my primary flavors that I can’t live without.

There’s a few things to take into account with e-liquid, while there’s other factors these are the primary ones; taste, consistency, and cleanliness. They’re all equally important and it’s a combination of all these factors that make one e-liquid better than another.

  • Taste: An obvious and primary requirement, you want something that gives you flavors that you enjoy.

Lavatube Starter Kit Review

High Power Variable Voltage Vaping

Until recently variable voltage (VV) devices have been expensive. Kits have gone for $250 and up. For me, even with the savings of not buying cigarettes, that price was just too much to pull the trigger. Things have changed though and new variable voltage units have been coming out. The very cheap options didn’t work too well though. Honestly they didn’t work better than the standard batteries, which cost less and had better quality. All that changed when the Lavatube was released, a well built, full featured, variable voltage ecig.


eGo-T Starter Kit Review

One of the original Ecig Tank Systems
A great option for the first time ecigarette user!

Tanks have grown in popularity ever since Joye released the first eGo-T. The main attraction and draw to tanks is the ease of filling and greater ejuice capacities. Unlike traditional carts and cartomizers, the tank doesn’t use any filler material to hold liquid so you can store more liquid, which translates to less refilling and more time puffing.

SmokTech 1.7ohm LR Cartomizer Review

Low Resistance (LR) cartomizers have been a staple in the vaping world for quite some time now. Many individuals still prefer these as daily cartomizer over all other options. Even with the onslaught of new parts, that swear to be the best thing since sliced bread,  these basic low resistance cartomizers stand up to the competition. They produce a good clean hit, with tons of vapor and at a very reasonable price.

Traveling with an ECig

If you’re an ecigarette user, traveling present a unique challenge especially if it’s for an extended period of time. I recently had to travel for a few weeks on business and was a bit lost initially on what to take. I’d like to share some wisdom on what to take with you without overdoing it.

Ecigarettes are pretty hard to come by in local stores and those that are for sale at a brick & mortar shop are usually not very good. As with anything else, preparedness is key. You should assume that during your entire trip you won’t be able to restock on any of your hardware or supplies. As long as you keep that in mind when preparing and packing for your trip you should make it through without much hassle.